Heat Press Batting Together > 3/4-inch White, 10-yard Roll (1.9cm x 9.14m)

3/4-inch White, 10-yard Roll (1.9cm x 9.14m)

3/4-inch White, 10-yard Roll (1.9cm x 9.14m)

¾” tape..
  1. “Quilt as you Go”
Quilters are making blocks quilting them with the batting on the back... How do you get the blocks together?
    1. Cut the batting the block size including the finish measurement of the middle of the sashing.
    2. Quilt  or embroider the block leaving the ¼” seams all around.
    3. Sew the sashing to the block size.
    4. Now you have loose edges of batting... lay the batting edges together and use the tape to hold the batting edges
    5. Smooth out the tape with the heated iron without pressure, just the weight of the iron.
  1. Stabilizing Block Edges
    1. With right sides together, sew the quarter inch seam all the around your block size.
    2. Make criss-cross tapes from corner to corner..do this on both sides of the block
    3. Cut through the tape from corner to corner then the other way, corner to corner
    4. You will have the bias stabilized on both sides of the block making 4 individual blocks
    5. After cutting you have four perfect blocks stabalized , so when sewing the bias will not stretch
  1. Cutting Triangles
    1. Lay the fabric out on the wrong side of fabric.
    2. Lay the tape down the center of the fabric.
    3. With your triangle ruler, cut your triangles.
    4. With the tape in the center the bias will be stabilized. When cutting large triangles use the 1/5” width tape. 
  1. Hemming
    1. turn up your hem width without doing anything to the raw edge.
    2. Lay the tape over the edge of the hem.. so the hem is lined up with the center of the tape. Press.
    3. You will find that the hems stay soft and pliable.
    4. Use the Black for Jeans..
We have found the tape will stay through about 4 washings before starting to be loose.